Talize – a new thrift shopping mecca in Delta

The madness. The frenzy. And, the fun! These are the words that best describe the scene at the Talize thrift store in Delta early Monday morning. Although this Canadian thrift store has been at this location for just over five years, it is just now starting to gain momentum as one of Metro Vancouver’s favourite thrift shopping destinations – especially when they have their 50% sale.

“Attention shoppers, Wendy your shopping cart is ready.” This surprising type of announcement was a common occurrence on Monday morning. Doors had opened at 7am and with several hundred people in line to get in, all the shopping carts were already in use by 7:15. But, where one would expect chaos and flaring tempers, Talize staff had everything well in hand. A nice touch was that people could sign up to be on the list for the next available shopping cart, which most people would need as this was a day to shop in volume.

This thrift retail chain store originates from Ontario and currently only has one location in British Columbia. Still not as well recognized as Value Village or Salvation Army, this unique thrift store is gaining in popularity. Open seven days a week (often until 9pm) and located at the corner of Nordel Way and Scott Road in Delta, it is easily accessible from all parts of Metro Vancouver and has ample parking.

With several thousand feet of retail floor space, they carry an impressive selection of clothing and accessories for children, men and women, and to a lesser extent housewares, books, DVDs, CDs, furniture and electronics. Most of their stock is what they call “gently used” but they do carry some newer items as well.

The layout of the store is easy to navigate, with wide aisles that can easily fit two shopping carts side by side. Their stock is well organized with a huge selection in all sizes; ranging from petite all the way to plus sizes. Regardless of your shape or age, there is something for everyone and it is easy to find the colour, size and style that best suits your taste.

Regular prices are quite reasonable, running anywhere from a few dollars to $20 or $30 depending on what you are looking for. But during the 50% sale, everything is half price. Shoppers can often get designer labels such as DKNY, Calvin Klein and more for under $5. Brand name clothing and accessories from Old Navy and the Gap are also available for as low as $2 or $3 per item. They also carry a decent selection of vintage items for both men and women.

I would recommend signing up for their E-Flyer so that you will be the first to know when they have their next 50% sale.

11930 – 88th Avenue
Delta, B.C.
(604) 599-6116



  1. As a believer in second-hand shopping, I understand your enthusiasm. But, I believe that part of the thrill of this type of shopping is in finding and cultivating your favorite haunts … also, when you find a great place, why share it? Just like in fishing, if you share your secret pool then you are likely to end up with no fish. So, let other people find their own stores … protect your honey holes.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to write in. If I was just doing this for myself I would keep these great finds under wraps but the whole point of me having the blog is to be able to share these discoveries with others. I believe that there is truly enough for everyone out there, and then some! I love this whole industry and would like to see more people get on board with secondhand shopping.

  2. well I for one usually do my shopping at my towns local thrift store..but my friend told me that I have to shop at telize and I am kinda excited cause Ive been to army navy stores and value village and they are good but this store seems to take the cake! Second hand shopping is always so much fun cause you never know what youll find!

    • Hi,

      Yes, most of the items in this store are used. In terms of the clothing they are usually clean and in decent shape…but people tend to wash any used clothing before they wear them.

  3. i shop at the delta store daily i get there at 9 am leave at 5 pm i am a male clothing whore i just love tales i get gucci prada fend georgio armani versace any many more italian brand names i have spent 10 grand at that store my whole house is tales you could say i own the tales museum

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