Delta Hospital Auxillary Thrift Store in Ladner

Ladner Thrift Store CupsThe Delta Hospital Auxillary Thrift Store in Ladner (4816 Delta Ave., Ladner, BC) is definitely old school when it comes to how they do business. And it shows, their shop is always busy. Located in the quaint fishing village known as Ladner, this thrift store (located in two separate store fronts side by side) has a wonderful selection of clothing, housewares, books, some furniture, collectibles, sports gear, tools, electronics and so much more. And, everything is priced to sell. Here you can actually find many different items under a dollar and the clothing has fixed prices that are extremely reasonable.

As a result of their prices being so low, their stock is constantly changing and many of the locals visit the store at least a few times a week to see what new items have come in. They cater to all ages and the friendly volunteers who run the store are always eager to help. I also appreciate how well organized they are and how clean everything is. The atmosphere is quite fun and I can’t help myself but want to buy something. This last time I found a really nice white long sleeved Tshirt for $3. It looks quite new and fits like a glove.

Every month they also host the Collectible’s Sale where they will bring out a terrific selection of some of their better pieces that include collectibles, antiques, silver, china, vintage clothing, retro housewares, etc. Although the prices for these sales are a bit higher, they are still priced to sell. Well worth checking out! Their next Collectible Sale is set for September 30th 10am to 3pm.

Ladner Thrift Store Kids ClothingStore Details:
Hours of Operation: Mondays 1:30pm to 5pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays 10am to 3pm, and Closed Sundays
4816 Delta Avenue, Lander BC
(604) 946-1455



  1. As a loyal long time customer I have slowly noticed that the so low prices have increased considerably in the last month or so. some times double what the have been in the past. As a mom the toys were my selling point on coming to the store from another city but, now the are the same as value village prices. Old school prices maybe should be reviewed

    • Hi, I agree. I have noticed that many local thrift shops are starting to become more “boutique” like and increasing their prices substantially. I hope that this is just temporary and that they will get back to being old school with their pricing so that it becomes a win win for everyone.

  2. I agree with you both here, we have been going to this thrift shop for a long time, and slowly its become much more expensive then before – last visit they had a stuffed toy horse for $4.00!!! I politely told my daughter it was to much. The Tsawassen location is even worse!

    • I have also noticed the local thrift stores trying to cash in on the “upcycling” trend and am a bit annoyed. Ladner is still ok for the most part but I know several people I’ve talked to (& myself included) who are no longer going to the Tsawwassen store because of their unreasonable pricing. I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen them price items for MORE than what you can buy them for brand new from the retail stores. The problem is, as long as people keep paying, they will keep trying to raise the prices.

  3. I have not found another store as cheap as this one – for regular prices and the Thrift Shop has 1/2 price sales on various items about three days each week. The community supports this shop so well with donations that the stock is always changing. Remember that all of the profit goes to the Delta Hospital, and the staff are volunteers.

  4. I have been thrifting in ladner and tsawassen since i was a kid….the prices are reflective of greed….these items are donated …i think that part is forgotten….sometimes its cheaper to buy new….at a big store…i can no longer afford to shop locally!

  5. perhaps the thrift shop will remember to lower their prices and continue to have lots of traffic. I won’t go the the T town location as prices are too much like Value Village… Free donated goods should be low priced!

  6. This is an older article but still promenently comes up in google when you search for this place. I’d like to say that the prices are 100 percent fair in my opinion. We make a trip out there to donate things at least once a month, sometimes more, because we don’t want to donate to value village in Vancouver because of the high markups, and we’d rather help out the seniors. I will continue to donate and buy from here as long as I can.

    • The Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop now has three stores side by side. One for housewares, one electrical and furniture, and one for clothing. For a couple of months the furniture shop has become the Christmas shop and there is a huge display of Christmas stock. The prices are still very reasonable. There are over 200 volunteers who run the stores, with almost all of the income going directly to the Delta Hospital. Stock turns over very quickly as customers line up daily to go in and buy – and the people of Delta donate an amazing amount of items.

  7. When my family first moved to Ladner in 2001 I frequented the thrift store with my (then) 2 young daughters. I spent over $300 every month in the store. Everyone in Ladner knew me as the “pram lady”. I shopped the thrift store every day for 1.5 years until buying our home in Chilliwack. Since living in Chilliwack we make 3-4 trips a year just to shop at the thrift store, I have to say your prices have gone up so much that I was actually shocked!! I want to support local businesses however I think the store is out pricing themselves. Thrift stores are now becoming stores for people who are not struggling financially………..where will the people shop who are living hand-to-mouth?? Such a pity!!!! I will be coming down tomorrow for a shop in the thrift store, hope there are things we can afford to purchase. This is the highlight of my 12 year olds day, to take a trip to Ladner. Happy to see the familiar faces again 🙂

    • I am surprised at your comment about prices. I’m wondering what you found “shocking”. Perhaps you arrived just after a collectible sale when some items cost more. Almost all of our clothes are still less than $5, baby things are a dollar.. Lamps vary from $3-$9. Usually regular furniture is less than $15 a piece. Our houseware prices haven’t changed much in the fifteen years I have worked in the store, although we do have a fifty cent minimum now instead of a quarter, and we have less “half price for everything” days. We are far cheaper than most thrift shops in this area.

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