It is a quirky way to live, but a good one. I also used to organize secondhand shopping tours, called Secondhand Safaris.

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  1. Hi Jo

    Wow! I’m so impressed with your new project. So interesting. I feel inspired by it! I’m looking forward to coming back and checking out those markets I didn’t get to last time.

  2. Wow! Joanne you have done it again. Created a very attractive, appealing place where we can go to find out the ins and outs of mindfully consuming and finding-just about anything. Fantastic!!

  3. Hi, I don’t know if my last email worked so…..

    I’m a new collector (wanna Be) and I don’t know if the items I’ve purchased due to a gut feeling, was smart or not. Spending under $30 total for all 12 or so items isn’t bad and they range from “bobblehead Goofy” to “Webkunst EggCup from Austria set in original box and stickers” to figurines. I’d like to submit you some pics for your opinion.

    I know it’s alot to ask for from someone who’s just inexperinced but excited about the world of collectibles.

    Thank you so much in advance,

    • Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back to you…but if you are in Vancouver I would suggest that you maybe take some of the items to the show at the Croatian cultural centre this weekend as there will be an appraiser there and for $7/item (up to three items) she will give you an idea of what some of those items might be worth. You can find out more about the show by checking out http://www.21cpromotions.com If you need more information, just let me know.

  4. Hello, I am looking for a vintage Louis Vuitton bag. Must be in decent shape and as clean as possible. Must be authentic. Do u have any??

  5. Joanne I need the help of an antique dealer or appraiser for items…mostly china, crystal from my parents’ home….does Gale Pirie come to Aldergrove area?

  6. Thanks a million….I am definitely going out to visit Grandma and Grundpa’s on
    wells Road as well…sounds like a fun place to visit.

  7. We have three large pieces of Natuzzi Furniture needing a home, chair, love seat and Chaz lounge

    Do you take consignment ? I can send pictures

    Jeff Fawcett
    Fawcett Insurance

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Hi,

      Sorry I don’t consign or sell things…there are a few Home Consignment Stores in Metro Vancouver…but I see that your business is located in North Vancouver. You might want to check out Consignment Canada http://www.consignmentcanada.com They are located on Pemberton Ave. and have a beautiful space to showcase furniture etc.

  8. Hello,
    My name is Jasmine and I am wondering if you would be able to point me in the direction of someone who would be able to look at my grandmother’s doll collection. She has some that are very old and has kind of always wondered. She keeps them all in a room on shelves, has them all cleaned and she has tagged each one and kept a box of index cards she made of them about who she got them from, when and where she thinks they’re from. The thing is that she lives in a small town – Trail, BC and I’m not sure if someone would be able to go to her place and look at them. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I’ve been trying to get her the gift of an appraisal for a while but don’t really know where to start.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Jasmine,
      You might want to check with Gale Pirie who is an accredited appraiser. I know that sometimes she does travel for appraisals, but she may also be able to do an initial appraisal with photos etc. She may also know someone out that way. You can reach Gale at the contact info below and her Web site is: http://www3.telus.net/public/gpirie/
      Phone #: 604-467-4099, Fax #: 604-467-4099, E-mail: gpirie@telus.net. You can also chat with Gale directly at the upcoming Retro Design & Antiques Fair at the Croatian Cultural Centre on Sunday Dec. 4th 10am to 3pm if you live in Vancouver. More info can be found: http://21cpromotions.com/antiques_fair/index.html Hope this helps. Definitely worth getting her collection appraised as dolls are highly collectible and can be quite valuable.

  9. Hi there, my mother-in-law has aquired a quite large collection of her mother’s dolls, collectables as well as antiques. Do you have any idea where to go about having them appraised for eventual sale? Besides e-bay? Any help would be great! Thanks.

  10. Hi Joanne,
    Would you consider doing a blog article for the 3 HOB Thrift Stores? HOB Boutique in Kerrisdale, HOB Too (household items) and HOB Furniture both at Dunbar and 19th Ave.
    Facebook HOB Thrift Boutique-善精品
    Instagram and Twitter.
    Shops are run by volunteers. All funds raised go to end of life care at Vancouver Hospice Society

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