Secondhand Culture Alive and Well

This is a blog for those of us who love all things secondhand (aka used, previously loved, recycled, and so on)! I believe that we quietly live and breathe all aspects of this lifestyle – that of mindful consumption. We consciously choose to reuse and creatively recycle while also finding ways to connect with our past and with our communities. And, if you are like me it was once because of circumstance, but now it is of choice. A very proud choice – I wear and use my secondhand items like a badge of honour.

There are many aspects to this lifestyle but the common denominator is that we don’t like waste! And, there are many ways to delay and potentially deter stuff from entering our landfills. Whether you consign, sell outright or donate your used goods – there always seems to a place for it or someone who really needs it.

Together, I hope that we will find our collective voice and share fun and creative ways to help others to join our movement…or at least to embrace that there is nothing shameful about buying used goods or in hand-me-downs. In our own way we are being green while supporting local businesses and saving money. And, being a quirky bunch we generally know how to have fun with the process.



  1. Hi!

    i am not reallly sure how this works so I really hope I am not leaving a comment on your actuall blog or something. I wanted to tell you I love your blog! It is great! How do you make a blog anyway??? Um just in case I am posting this on youor website somehow I dont want to say more and embarass myself!



  2. wow……. fresh, entertaining and personal. great job. now if i had enuf savvy to figure out how to keep you on my computer lol. really great job !


  3. This is great Jo…… I’m going to forward this to several of my buddies here in Nelson and family from Langley. I just got back from a trip to Osoyoos and Penticton (just to holiday) and of course stopped at the lovely little thrift store in Greenwood. the volunteers invited me to the “back room” because they found bags of summer clothes that had not been put out yet and wanted to get rid of it – got a whole bunch of stuff for $5!!!. I gave some clothes to Stella, Tara and my friend Brenda.

    good luck

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